How are you?


By the way, we're not assuming you are in a disaster! You might be doing great, and that's great. We want you to know we have your back, in good times and bad.

Click here and give us an update. Your responses are private. Only I see them. Your answers will allow us to help you (if you need it) and will also help future students with similar challenges. You'll be doing a lot of people a big favor.


Thanks. Talk soon.




We care about your success.

We're in Module 5. For new students ( and recent ones), we know that thiis can be a crazy time.

You're adjusting to a new schedule. You have been surprised by the amount of work required. You may have family "stuff" going on, work "stuff" happening that makes it easy to be distracted.

We understand what it's like to crawl through the maze. We've been there and done it.

If you are in crisis mode, it's okay to ask for help. That's what we're here for, that's what I am here for. 

Find me right now if you need a plan - SMS text @ 415.203.4168.